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Terms & Conditions

Biggbagslk.com is grocery items supplier in Sri Lanka. The following terms & conditions may apply while shopping at www.biggbagslk.com.

  • The customer has the choice to order the desired quantity (units/ grams / kilograms).
  • It is the buyer’s responsibility to check the availability of the stocks of items on our store before purchasing.
  • The list of available items, quantities and the prices will be displayed on our online store for your convenience.
  • Each fruit and vegetable delivery will be conducted in batches; on different dates and different locations, depending on the order volumes and deliveries assigned.
  • The net weight of the delivered fruits and vegetables may vary due to packaging, weather conditions and other related matters occurred during shipment.
  • We may change the delivery date, in case of any changes in order volumes or delivery schedules.
  • Depending on the number of orders reserved and stock availability, the quantities of available items might go out of stock
  • Customers can select one of the methods from Cash on Delivery or Pay by bank transfer.
  • If paying by Cash: Payments can be made upon delivery.
  • Refunds will be provided only if damaged or poor quality stock being delivered.
  • Produces (items) delivered to customers can be returned if; 
    • Damages caused during transportation
    • Not satisfied with the quality (rotten/poor quality/moldy)
  • The delivery personnel will bring back the returned product to us, and the value of the returned products will be refunded to customer excluding delivery charges.
  • In the event of returning produces (items) due to the reasons listed above, the customer will be charged only the delivery fee. 
  • The customer has to bear the full cost on returns performed due to any other reasons not listed above

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